Sunday, May 22, 2011

pretty little boxes

I got this box when I was 8.

As I got older it was used for other things

I found it in my basement the other day, thrown into a cardboard box a couple years ago when we had to move quickly. I don't have to hide my razors anymore, they sit out next to my bed with my contacts and glass of water and notebooks, a normal fixture. Gone are the days of lock and key, cheerful childhood plastic boxes.

Once when I was sectioned, they took my box of razors and my knife and stored it neatly in a locker. When I was discharged home they were handed back.

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  1. they gave you back your box of razors?? i've been given back my intact shaving razors that were confiscated back but i would never get my actual blades back guaranteed. i haven't cut in just about 3 months. i hope the same for you soon.