Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Psychiatrists Are Evil

Okay, I realize that's kind of a blanket statement. But I have never met a psychiatrist who is a decent human being or not on a power trip. They are all condescending, emotionless, with poor interpersonal skills, and a seeming disklike for all people. They enjoy pathologizing every action and statement, and hand out prescriptions within five minutes of meeting me. I've had some really scary and damaging experiences with psychiatrists, particularly when I was sectioned at Bournewood.

The psychiatrist at McLean Hospital is slightly less horrible, but at the core really no different. His initial appearance says it all: hair so slicked-back it's all wet and comb-marked. He wears silk ties, and these obnoxious dress shoes that are like little ankle boots with zippers on the side. Definitely the mark of a despicable human being. He is so cold and condescending, and just acts disinterested. At one point he asked me why eating is so difficult, and I tried to explain that I feel like I don't deserve to eat. He asked me if I feel like that about other people, and of course I said no. Then he says, "What makes you so special and unique that it only applies to you?" Really? As if I don't eat because I think so highly of myself. And there's just no need to talk to someone like that, especially someone so clearly struggling and at your mercy.

I met with him again yesterday. More of the same, saying things in his bored monotone voice, "mhm, so you work in a liquor store? Does that mean you drink all the time?" Wow, so insightful. Like that's the most logical conclusion. Yeah, I drink all the time because I'm a cashier at a liquor store. And you work with crazy people. Does that mean you're crazy? He then asked why I worked there, but apparently he doesn't know what it's like to have to work a shit job you hate just to pay the bills.

I would really love to know how his title makes him an expert on me and people in general when he doesn't seem to even like them or know how to interact decently. I guess he's great at reading the DSM and assigning arbitrary labels. Apparently that's all it takes to have power over someone else and have instant respect.


  1. Gosh, he sounds horrible. There are some horrible horrible psychiatrists around, I've met one, though the lady I have at the moment is very gentle and understanding. I hope you find someone who can respect you and hear you, this guy clearly has no idea! xoxo

  2. Ugh. I'm sorry he's so horrible. I can't believe he would even say that about the liquor store--that is so completely inappropriate and just asinine. Take care of yourself and please don't let this guy get to you. You're right--he's just evil.

  3. this is exactly why i want to be a psychiatrist. So that I can be a damn good one who cares about more than herself and money! I hate shitty, uncompassionate doctors!