Sunday, November 1, 2009

I need a home for my heart and hands

I'm not enough. I am too much. I want everything and nothing. I'm scared to die and scared to commit to life. I'm caught in limbo, in the chasm between the conflicting sides of my fucked-up brain.

This isn't pro-eating disorder, nor is it recovery-focused. I'm not in recovery or even trying for it. This is just a blog of my experiences and feelings. It's just where I'm at right now.


  1. Oh, Caitlin. You know how much I relate to this - I'm the exact same way.
    & I hope you know that I'll be here for you, wherever you're at mentally/emotionally. And of course, I need to get my ass to the East Coast ASAP so we can party. :p

  2. Hey Caitlin :) remember me? I used to be ghost at LB. I have been keeping a blog since February too, there's a lovely community here. I hope you keep posting, it would be nice to be back in contact with you!